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Bai Dai Beach

31st March 2015

“Take the motorbike to Bai Dai Beach! Very nice!” We are standing at the hotel reception asking about surf spots. “Easy to get there. Long beach! Yes good!”

The hotel we stayed at rented motorbikes for 6$ a day. They get their bikes from other locals and you will probably end up fixing a wheel (or two) when you rent it from them. Luckily AJ used to own a motorbike so driving around wasn’t too difficult. That is off course if you go 20km per hour and the idea of crashing into someone else, or falling, doesn’t scare you.

You need to drive through the city onto the road that heads out to the airport. We did not really check the map and just stayed on the main road that goes along the beach.  Eventually, after a few missed turns and crazy traffic, we were on the right track.
The road to Bai Dai beach is really stunning! There is a viewpoint where your jaw will literally drop admiring the islands!

The Viewpoint

The Viewpoint

The turn off to Bai Dai beach is at the first round about, just after the mountain pass, on the left. Just take the dirt road towards the beach and you will eventually find it.

The beach is amazing. A chilled vibe if you want a break from all the tourists in Nha Trang. Along the beach you will find little bamboo huts where you can order some fresh seafood, chill out in a hammock or rent a surfboard.

For the whole morning we chilled! Playing the ukulele, (we love to make music!), swimming, chatting and lounging around in the hammocks. We decided to rent a body board, as the waves did not look great for surfing.

For lunch we ordered a Vietnamese “hot pot”. Can I just add here that this meal is enough for a whole family! We were 2 people!

Vietnamese hot pot

Vietnamese hot pot

After lunch we chilled some more. The locals are really friendly and if you ask, they will keep an eye on your stuff for you.

The locals and expats, that live in Nha Trang, all recommend Bai Dai beach for surfing.
If you want to find out more you can contact the Shack

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