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Lonely beach Koh Chang

6th March 2015


Lonely beach on Koh Chang is…well…not that lonely.
It is the perfect spot for the party animals, backpackers and those wanting to experience the nightlife.

As we have never been to Koh Chang before, we decided to book accommodation. We booked a little backpackers in the heart of Lonely beach. It sounded like the perfect spot for budget travelers!
After travelling the whole day from Bangkok, on a bus and ferry, we were quite tired as we arrived on the island. The accommodation looked fine. Very basic with a bed and a bathroom. Exactly what we needed to lay our heads down for the night.

As we tried to fall asleep, the party outside was just starting. Within an hour it felt like the whole island was partying. We could hear some Britney, some Backstreet boys, some Bob Marley, some drum and base all being pumped loudly at the same time. It was so loud that even our basic bed was starting to shake. There was no way we were going to sleep. I went to go sit outside while AJ took a walk. He came back to tell me that it was only three clubs, trying to compete for the loudest music. It felt like we were in the middle of some rock/ trance/ hippie festival.
At least there was an upside to this, by sitting outside trying to keep ourselves calm, we got to meet some other backpackers. All of them travelling through Asia. It was great to meet new people and share some travel tips.

Trying to keep ourselves entertained at 3am!

Trying to keep ourselves entertained at 3am!

The next morning, we made a move. We could not stay here for another night. (I guess you get what you pay for)
If you have been to Asia before, you will know that booking accommodation is silly. There’s always a place to stay somewhere and we have learnt our lesson. So we packed our backpacks and found a little beach hut at Siam hut.
Siam hut is not a 5* resort. It is very basic. It has a bed and a private bathroom. I mean what more do you need when you are staying 2 min from the beach?
(If you would like to find out more about Siam Hut, please visit their website over here)

Siam Hut beach bungalows

Siam Hut beach bungalows

The next few days were amazing! We relaxed!
We got into the whole island – hippie – backpacker vibe very quickly. The only clothes we wore was our swimwear and flip flops.

We lied on the beach. Swam in the warm ocean. We laughed as we saw a sheep running down the beach. And even chickens! We went on walks and explored the little souvenir shops and local food stalls. We chilled out on the deck and watched local children play in the ocean. We soon forgot about our worries and time seemed to stand still.

This is what I remembered about Thailand. This feeling of living an island life. And we were here together. On an island. Enjoying every minute of freedom. Maybe that is what “Lonely” beach is. Getting rid of all your stress. A place to get lost. A place to relax and soak up the sun rays. A place to feel free.

lonely beach 4

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