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Easy Rider (Part one)

10th April 2015

If you want to see the “Real Vietnam” I would definitely recommend a motorbike tour with an Easy Rider guide.

In Nha Trang, the Easy Riders are everywhere! Every local person you smile at will come up to you and ask: “Where are you from?”. After a friendly conversation they will then try to sell you an Easy Rider tour. Being bombarded by these guys daily, it planted a little seed in our heads and we decided to talk to our hotel manager to find out more. She then explained how the tours work and told us that we should definitely try to go up to Dalat. “It’s the mini Paris of Vietnam” she said. “Romantic City!”.
So the next day she got us in contact with Mr Chanh and we booked a three day tour to Dalat.

Mr Chanh is a bit older than the other riders. He is a short man with the biggest smile that I have ever seen in my life. He loves wearing his blue and white jacket while the other Easy Riders wear their branded clothing. Mr Chanh is not like the other riders. He works for himself. While some of the riders will tell you about their excellent rankings on tripadvisor, Mr Chanh will tell you how amazing and talented every rider is. Not once did he try to say that he is better than anyone else. All he will tell you is that he loves his job and meeting new friends.

I felt safe with Mr Chanh. His kind soul immediately put me at ease and I knew that we could trust him. Besides, I had to sit behind this man on a motorbike for three days!

Getting ready for a day of riding

Getting ready for a day of riding

On day one we fell in love with the open road. The rush of excitement of not knowing where this day will lead us or what we will see, became stronger with every turn! I think I had the best view! As I wasn’t driving, I could sit back to admire the view.

As we left Nha Trang, the scenery started to change. It became more rural and so beautiful that it almost felt like I was browsing through a travel magazine. (You know, those perfect pictures of places that you see that seem so photoshopped it makes you question if they actually exist!)

A view from the highlands

A view from the highlands

As we traveled towards the mountains, the roads got more muddy. The houses got less and it seemed as though we were the only people entering this foreign land. I remember standing in the middle of the dirt road, looking in both directions and not seeing another person, or village, for miles. I also remember feeling calm. I guess that is what happens when you are surrounded by nature. And nature could not get more beautiful than this! Or…so I thought.




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