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Visiting temples in Thailand

2nd June 2015

When you take a trip to Thailand, you don’t want to be “just another tourist” and spend all your time lazing around on the beach. (Although there is nothing wrong with having a few of these lazy days!) Visiting the temples in Thailand will teach you more about the religion, culture and history of this magical country. The temples are beautiful and definitely a must for anyone visiting.

Before you plan your trip, make sure that you read up about Thailand’s religion, culture and etiquette. (Read more about it over here) There are some strict dress codes you need to follow when visting the temples. We always see disappointed faces from tourists when they are not allowed inside the temples. But hey, don’t visit a place of worship in your bikini! Rather make sure you know the basics and spare yourself from looking like you are showing disrespect!

Big Buddha Phuket

Big Buddha Phuket

The dress code, for visiting the temples, is simple. For men, you want to wear long pants, or any pants that cover your knees, and a T-shirt. For woman, long dresses or pants and a T-shirt is fine. As we all know, Thailand can get very hot! So make sure your pants are light. If you want to wear your tank top, pack a sarong or light scarf to cover up your shoulders.

When you enter a place of worship, please turn off your cellphones and don’t shout. Always show respect! Just like our churches at home, don’t wear sunglasses or hats inside. Also, please don’t take pictures of anyone that is in prayer. Not only is this disrespectful, but clicking away on your camera, with your flash going off a million times, interrupts their personal moments of worship.

Scenes from Ayutthaya

Scenes from Ayutthaya

The temples are absolutely magical. I still remember visiting the Golden Mountain in Bangkok. Although Bangkok is a busy city that never seems to sleep, the temple was peaceful. It was surrounded by green ferns and little water features. The view from the top was amazing! You could see the whole city from  up there! These are the little things that we love about Thailand.

When visiting the temples in Thailand, take it slow. It’s a lovely place to take a breather and relax for a few minutes. Also observe what is happening while you are there. Sometimes you might find yourself in the middle of a prayer, chant or ritual. Keep your distance and take the time to observe the ceremonies. If a monk hands you a string bracelet, accept it. The bracelets are given out for good luck, and who knows when you might need a little bit extra!

View from the Golden Mountain

View from the Golden Mountain

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    Thank you for another lovely post. I agree that it is so important to respect the customs of the country or place you are visiting, particularly in places on worship.
    Taking it slow is great advice for visiting temples. I found that I almost can’t help but feel simply serene when visiting a church or temple 🙂

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