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Keep your adventurous spirit

12th July 2015

Sometimes, after an adventurous trip abroad, we find ourselves in a little depression state. Even though we are happy to be back home with our family and friends, our thoughts cannot help but wander back to our travels. We are constantly thinking about the days lazying around on beach, relaxing in hammocks, driving on motorbikes through rice fields and living like there is no tomorrow.
But why should we only experience this thrill of life when we are away? Why not keep this adventurous spirit when you return back home?

You might think that you know the place where you live like the back of your hand. You walk the same road everyday, buy from the same grocery store and visit the same places. But what about exploring your home city and taking a different route to your local hangout spot?

I have lived in Cape Town for almost 4 years now. Last year (*insert embarrassed face here*) was the first time that I took local public transport. Shocking right?! We took a little trip to Muizenburg beach via the MyCiTi bus (the local scheduled bus service) and the local train. It was quite an adventure on it’s own! Although we had to pay for a bus card and our trip to the train station, our train ride was free. For some strange reason nobody was on duty this day! Lucky us I guess! I had tons of fun! I got to chat to some local people and also saw the city from a different view.

Catching the local train

I am not sure why we tend to think that we need heaps of money to have an adventure. It can happen right in your own backyard! Please don’t take me for one of those people preaching to you on “how you should just travel and not worry about the money”!  Every person has their own personal journey. Some crave an adrenaline rush, some just a beautiful place to sit in silence. The point is to keep your adventurous spirit, and that means something different to all of us. It is about breaking your daily routine and feeling like you are alive!

I guess this is one of the reasons I love living here in Cape Town. We are so close to the mountain, the ocean and the beautiful botanical gardens! Taking a break from your “daily life” is really easy! For those that love geocaching, there are tons of them around the city! You really get to feel like a little kid when you discover these treasures!

Geocaching around Cape Town

Geocaching around Cape Town

There are always new things to learn and places to explore! Just by walking through the streets of Cape Town, you will get to see some really cool street art, old architecture, statues, meet local people and admire the beautiful mountain in the background! There’s also a ton of free things to do here! Walking on the beach, hiking up Table Mountain, spending a day in a local park or going to one of the free concerts. Something new is waiting for you around every corner!

We don’t always need a life changing trip abroad to clear our heads. Sometimes we just need a little micro adventure at home to take us away from our stressful lives. There really is no excuse to keep your adventurous spirit!

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

Scenes from around Cape Town

Scenes from around Cape Town

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