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Hong Kong to Macau

1st September 2015

As we rolled into 2015, we never thought that we would find ourselves standing in another UNESCO world heritage site in Macau! A one day trip from Hong Kong is definitely worth a visit!

From Hong Kong, the ferry ride to Macau takes about an hour. There are a few ferry services that you can book through, but we opted for TurboJet. Their service was excellent and with ferries leaving every 15 minutes, there is no need to worry about trips being sold out. (Although this might happen over holiday times) A ferry ticket will cost you around HK$150 – HK$200 for economy class and HK$320 upwards for more luxurious seats. The ferry ride was nothing like we have EVER experienced before! It felt like we were on and airplane flying across the water. The seats were super comfortable and the view from the window was amazing!

As we arrived, we decided to walk to the ruins of St Paul’s cathedral. (You can catch a bus / taxi but we love walking as we get to see more!) Travelling around is quite easy. As Macau is a touristy city, there are street signs everywhere and most are translated into English. If you do get lost, just pop into a local store to ask for directions. The people are super friendly and they seem to love foreigners!

Macau is one of those little treasures that we stumbled upon by accident, kinda like your grandmothers jewelry box! It has a mixture between old and new. Big, old colorful buildings are home to modern shops like Marks and Spencer, Gap and Zara. You will find beautiful old structures with a backdrop of modern casinos. One minute you feel like you are in the heart of Europe with the cobblestone paths and around the next corner you are standing in front of a small temple, back in China.

The ruins of St Paul’s cathedral made us realize, once again, that there really is no cure for the travel bug! Once it bites, (and the damn thing bites hard!), you are stuck it with for the rest of your life. The only way to treat this illness is to travel. We did not even know about this famous landmark before we arrived in Hong Kong. It is amazing how much we are still learning about the world.

The ruins of St Paul's cathedral

The ruins of St Paul’s cathedral

City streets in Macau

City streets in Macau

Another little thing we loved about Macau was the food! With its Portuguese influence the city is well known for its amazing cuisine! Yummy pork buns, iced coffee, Portuguese egg tarts and sweet pork jerky are just some of the few things you can get here! You might even find yourself standing in front of the “Hello Kitty Obrigado” shop picking up some Hello Kitty shaped macaroons!

If you are looking for a place to sit and eat, try to look for the smaller restaurants on the side streets. The restaurants closer to the ruins can get quite busy, and you might have to wait for quite a while before you get served.

Macau is a place that will take you back home and throw you right back into a foreign world. Known as the “Vegas of the East”, it is home to one of the biggest casino’s in the world. On your visit to Macau you can also visit the Macau Tower, Kun Iam temple, the historical center or just take a stroll down one of the little streets. Macau is definitely a place that is calling us back for more discoveries!

Ordering from a local restaurant

Ordering from a local restaurant

Hello Kitty Obrigado

Hello Kitty Obrigado

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