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Camping in Hong Kong

22nd December 2016

It sure is beautiful out there and camping in Hong Kong made us realize that this place still has an untouched wilderness!

If you are looking to get away from the city why not pitch your tent in the soft white sand and wake up to the beautiful views of Long Ke Wan.

Camping at Long Ke Wan

This place made us feel like we were on a remote island somewhere, waking up to the sound of the ocean and the beautiful blue sky! You really have no excuse not to try it as there are so many outdoor stores in Hong Kong! Prices for tents usually start from around 300 HKD. (Depending on where you buy, the quality etc) We got ours from RC Outfitters in Causeway Bay for around this price.If you don’t want to spend the money, ask a friend if you can borrow theirs for the weekend! What are you waiting for?

Beautiful sunsets

Taking a dip in the ocean. (Notice how clean the water is?!)

Below are a few tips for your camping journey:

  • How to get to Long Ke Wan?

    Take the MTR to Hang Hau (purple line) and then take the mini bus 101M to Sai Kung.
    From Sai Kung you can either get a boat to drop you off at Long Ke Wan, or take a taxi to the “East Dam” of High Island Reservoir in Sai Kung Country park. (The taxi is much cheaper)
    After reaching the East Dam, make sure to take the path that will go up to Long Ke Wan. This is the easier route and you will see a path to the left. There will also be a map if you are unsure off where to go. The walk is about 30 mins and it’s really stunning! Look out for the cows as they love going up and down the stairs!

    As you get to the beach you will see a building at the back. This is a drug rehabilitation center and the camping spot will be to the right hand side.

    Beautiful views on the way to the beach

    Maclehose trail

    Boat ride back to Sai Kung

  • How to get back?

    There is a boat that comes to Long Ke Wan selling beers, but it has no set time. You can either try to catch this boat, walk back to where the taxi dropped you off and see if you can catch a ride with someone or hike to Sai Wan. We did the hike over to Sai Wan and it was quite tough! It is a bit of a steep climb at stages but the views from the top are amazing! Definately some of the most beautiful views I have seen in Hong Kong!

  • What to take?

    Trainers and flip flops
    The taxi will drop you off at the start of a little hiking trail to Long Ke Wan, so you will need trainers for the walk. While you are on the beach, you will probably like to put on some flip flops to explore the area.

    Depending on how long you are going to stay, make sure that you have enough food and water as there are no shops around. (There is a water tap, but we are not too sure how “safe” the drinking water is) We didn’t take enough food and ended up saving a few marshmallows for the last nights dinner!

    Charcoal, grill and flashlight
    Why not sit under the stars and have a BBQ?! The Wellcome supermarkets sell small charcoal bags and grills that can easily fit into a backpack. Make sure to take a flashlight as there are no lights around at night time.

    Insect repellent
    If you are going in summer there will be thousands of mosquitoes out and about.

    Sunscreen, swimsuit etc
    Soak up the clean, warm water and the beautiful beach! The rest is really up to you. Read a book, snap some photos, play cards etc. Just have fun!

From roughing it out on a beach to glamping it out! Hong Kong offers a variety of camping options! You can check out more over here!

Breathtaking views on the Maclehose trail

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