I am floating on candyfloss somewhere through space.

All I know is that my journey is far from over. I find beautiful things in everyday life.
I have learned that kindness costs nothing, and yet it can buy you the world.
We live in these fast paced lives that somehow got structured for us by society, and a world we are programmed to believe is correct. But I have never felt “home” in this world.

This might be why I started this brand. This blog. This journey.
To escape. To push myself. To dream.
Dreams are gifts. Ideas and images that have been put together by the inner core of our souls. Those parts of stardust that created us millions of years ago…waiting to burst out of our skins and shine!

I love to feel alive. And I love to dream.

I would like to share these things with you. With the world.
The kindness that I find, the beauty, the love that is never lost….only hidden away.
When I am alive, I am inspired! And then I create! I try to put it down on paper/ in some kind of art form.
This is a little place where I want to share these magical things with you.

At any given moment…..there is magic


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