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Walking the streets of Phnom Penh

11th March 2015

After our amazing visit to Siem Reap, we hopped onto a local bus and made our way to Phnom Penh. The capital city of Cambodia.

Another bus. Another dusty road.
The bus ride was a mini adventure on its own. A local bus with no actual working windows or closing door. Dust from the dirt roads crept in from everywhere. Everyone was coughing. The road was very bumpy and we had to stop at every small town to pick up more people.
With our luck, we had another failed booking. As we got to our accommodation they were full. So we left our guesthouse, just before it got dark, in search for another room. Continue Reading…

Asia, Cambodia, Travel

Exploring Angkor by bicycle

7th March 2015

Angkor is probably one of the most amazing places that we have been to and a must see for anyone visiting Cambodia.
Located in the jungles of the Siem Reap province, it is every travelers dream. Since I first saw the Tomb Raider movie, I have been wanting to explore this magical site. Continue Reading…