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Exploring Mong Kok

15th August 2015

We have been hearing a lot about Mong Kok since we arrived in Hong Kong.¬†Our flat mates told us that it’s the best place for bargain shopping and something that every new “Honker” needs to experience. So we decided to check it out. (On a Saturday might I add! Probably the busiest day for shopping! ūüėČ ) Continue Reading…

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Hong Kong: First impressions

2nd August 2015

You can spend months researching a country or city, but you will never really know what it is like until you actually go there yourself.

This is what is was like for us¬†with Hong Kong. We did tons of research online by reading blogs, watching YouTube videos and going through the Lonely Planet guidebooks. We are going to live in a whole new country for one year, so we had to make sure we knew what¬†to expect. Continue Reading…

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Travel videos: Southeast Asia

11th June 2015

Let’s face it, we are not videographers, but we wanted to share our travel videos with you anyway!

We hope it will inspire you to go out on your own adventures! Below you will find a collection of our travel videos through Southeast Asia. For more information on the places we visited, you can click through the links below:




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Visiting temples in Thailand

2nd June 2015

When you take a trip to Thailand, you don’t want to be “just another tourist” and spend all your time lazing around on the beach. (Although there is nothing wrong with having a few of these lazy days!) Visiting the temples in Thailand will teach you more about the religion, culture and history of this magical country. The temples are beautiful¬†and definitely a must for anyone visiting. Continue Reading…

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Things we love about Thailand

13th May 2015

Thailand is a top tourist destination, especially for South Africans breaking away from the winter cold. Imagine a land where white sandy beaches meet turquoise oceans. A place where you can snorkel, relax in a hammock under palm trees and live for each sunrise. This place is Thailand.

Here are some of the things we love about Thailand: Continue Reading…

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A letter to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam

17th April 2015

Dear Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam

During our trip I have learned so much from you. Thank you for all the amazing adventures and magical moments! And yes, even those scary ones! If it weren’t for you, I would not see the world with open eyes. There are a few things that I need to thank you for. So here goes! Continue Reading…

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Easy Rider (Part one)

10th April 2015

If you want to see the “Real Vietnam” I would definitely recommend a motorbike tour with an Easy Rider guide.

In Nha Trang, the Easy Riders are everywhere! Every local person you smile at will come up to you and ask: “Where are you from?”. After a friendly conversation they will then try to¬†sell you an Easy Rider tour. Being bombarded by these guys daily, it planted a little seed in our heads and we decided to talk to our hotel manager to find out more. She then explained how the tours work¬†and told us that we should definitely try to go up to Dalat. “It’s the mini Paris of Vietnam” she said. “Romantic City!”.
So the next day she got us in contact with Mr Chanh and we booked a three day tour to Dalat. Continue Reading…

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Bai Dai Beach

31st March 2015

“Take the motorbike to Bai Dai Beach! Very nice!” We are standing at the hotel reception asking about surf spots. “Easy to get there. Long beach! Yes good!”

The hotel we stayed at rented¬†motorbikes for 6$ a day. They get their bikes from other locals and you will probably end up fixing a wheel (or two) when you rent it from them. Luckily AJ used to own a motorbike so driving around wasn’t too difficult. That is off course if you go 20km per hour and the idea of crashing into someone else, or falling, doesn’t scare you. Continue Reading…

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Snorkeling in Vietnam

30th March 2015

I think I am 50% mermaid as I am always craving a swim in the ocean. Little did I know that the snorkeling in Vietnam would be this amazing!

Nha Trang is a diving and snorkeling hot spot. You can find tons¬†of tour operators and package deals to fit your needs. Just make sure you know what you get! There are party boat tours and fishing tours that all include snorkeling. If you just want to snorkel, I would suggest taking a tour that does just that, snorkeling! ¬†We booked a 15$ tour through our hotel. Continue Reading…

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Exploring Saigon

24th March 2015

Saigon surprised me!
The streets of Saigon, or formally known as Ho Chi Minh City, is a beautiful place to explore.

Accommodation is super easy to find as there are plenty of mini hotels on every street. Prices will range from 6$ for backpacker dorm rooms to 11$ hotel rooms. ATM’s can be found in all the touristy areas and will dispense local currency, Vietnamese Dong.
Continue Reading…