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Visiting temples in Thailand

2nd June 2015

When you take a trip to Thailand, you don’t want to be “just another tourist” and spend all your time lazing around on the beach. (Although there is nothing wrong with having a few of these lazy days!) Visiting the temples in Thailand will teach you more about the religion, culture and history of this magical country. The temples are beautiful and definitely a must for anyone visiting. Continue Reading…

Asia, Thailand, Travel

Things we love about Thailand

13th May 2015

Thailand is a top tourist destination, especially for South Africans breaking away from the winter cold. Imagine a land where white sandy beaches meet turquoise oceans. A place where you can snorkel, relax in a hammock under palm trees and live for each sunrise. This place is Thailand.

Here are some of the things we love about Thailand: Continue Reading…

Asia, Thailand, Travel

Lonely beach Koh Chang

6th March 2015


Lonely beach on Koh Chang is…well…not that lonely.
It is the perfect spot for the party animals, backpackers and those wanting to experience the nightlife.

As we have never been to Koh Chang before, we decided to book accommodation. We booked a little backpackers in the heart of Lonely beach. It sounded like the perfect spot for budget travelers!
After travelling the whole day from Bangkok, on a bus and ferry, we were quite tired as we arrived on the island. The accommodation looked fine. Very basic with a bed and a bathroom. Exactly what we needed to lay our heads down for the night.

Continue Reading…