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Becoming a TEFL teacher

26th October 2015

I know I haven’t written on this blog for a while but the last few months have been a whirlwind of experiences. Teaching English, although tons of fun, sure keeps you on your toes! 🙂

Becoming a TEFL teacher seemed like a dream out of my reach. For the past three years I have been reading blogs and forums of people traveling the world and teaching English. I wanted to jump into every photo and experience everyone’s journeys for myself, but I never had the guts to actually do it. Continue Reading…

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Living abroad: South Africa to Hong Kong

4th October 2015

It’s been about two months since we set foot on this foreign land. Wow! What a ride this year has been!
We have backpacked through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam for two months, danced in the karoo at AfrikaBurn and now we are living abroad in Hong Kong!

About a year ago we made the decision that we wanted to move abroad. We were craving a change and a new adventure. By the way, I turned 30 this year! EEEEEEEEK!!!! (I just wanted you to know that you are NEVER too old to make the changes in your life that you need)

The building where we live

The building where we live

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Hong Kong to Macau

1st September 2015

As we rolled into 2015, we never thought that we would find ourselves standing in another UNESCO world heritage site in Macau! A one day trip from Hong Kong is definitely worth a visit!

From Hong Kong, the ferry ride to Macau takes about an hour. There are a few ferry services that you can book through, but we opted for TurboJet. Their service was excellent and with ferries leaving every 15 minutes, there is no need to worry about trips being sold out. Continue Reading…

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Exploring Mong Kok

15th August 2015

We have been hearing a lot about Mong Kok since we arrived in Hong Kong. Our flat mates told us that it’s the best place for bargain shopping and something that every new “Honker” needs to experience. So we decided to check it out. (On a Saturday might I add! Probably the busiest day for shopping! 😉 ) Continue Reading…

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Hong Kong: First impressions

2nd August 2015

You can spend months researching a country or city, but you will never really know what it is like until you actually go there yourself.

This is what is was like for us with Hong Kong. We did tons of research online by reading blogs, watching YouTube videos and going through the Lonely Planet guidebooks. We are going to live in a whole new country for one year, so we had to make sure we knew what to expect. Continue Reading…

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Keep your adventurous spirit

12th July 2015

Sometimes, after an adventurous trip abroad, we find ourselves in a little depression state. Even though we are happy to be back home with our family and friends, our thoughts cannot help but wander back to our travels. We are constantly thinking about the days lazying around on beach, relaxing in hammocks, driving on motorbikes through rice fields and living like there is no tomorrow.
But why should we only experience this thrill of life when we are away? Why not keep this adventurous spirit when you return back home?

You might think that you know the place where you live like the back of your hand. You walk the same road everyday, buy from the same grocery store and visit the same places. But what about exploring your home city and taking a different route to your local hangout spot? Continue Reading…

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Pilansberg: Searching for the Big 5

25th June 2015

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have grown up in the North West province of South Africa.
As a kid, we spent our weekends visiting friends on farms, ran around bare feet in the mud and explored the bushveld. On a recent trip home, I was reminded of the beauty that this province has to offer. My dad took us to the Pilansberg Game Reserve where we went searching for the big 5.

South Africa is known for the BIG 5. These animals are namely the lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhino. On a good day, you might be able to spot all five these animals in the game reserve! People often think, as we live in South Africa, that we live among lions and ride our elephants to school. Although this might happen in other parts of the world, in South Africa, we need to visit game reserves to view these majestic animals up close.

Giraffe at Pilansberg

Giraffes at Pilansberg Game Reserve

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Travel videos: Southeast Asia

11th June 2015

Let’s face it, we are not videographers, but we wanted to share our travel videos with you anyway!

We hope it will inspire you to go out on your own adventures! Below you will find a collection of our travel videos through Southeast Asia. For more information on the places we visited, you can click through the links below:




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Visiting temples in Thailand

2nd June 2015

When you take a trip to Thailand, you don’t want to be “just another tourist” and spend all your time lazing around on the beach. (Although there is nothing wrong with having a few of these lazy days!) Visiting the temples in Thailand will teach you more about the religion, culture and history of this magical country. The temples are beautiful and definitely a must for anyone visiting. Continue Reading…

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Entering my thirties at Jonkershoek

28th May 2015

On Sunday, 24 May, it was my 30th birthday! I decided to enter my thirties by hiking at the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve.

Jonkershoek is situated just outside Stellenbosch. It’s about an hours drive from Cape Town, or two hours if your GPS doesn’t work! Entrance to the reserve is R40 per person and there’s quite a few hiking trails to chose from. I just wanted to do an easy stroll, so we opted for the Swartboskloof to Sosyskloof trail.

The Jonkershoek reserve is set in a beautiful valley surrounded by the Boland mountains. Unfortunately, recent veld fires destroyed some of the beautiful fynbos in the area. On the trail, we saw dark patches of plants and flowers. I felt sad. It almost seemed as if these flowers got stuck in time, all that’s left is a memory of the days they showed the world their colors.

Scenery around Jonkershoek Nature Reserve

Scenery around Jonkershoek Nature Reserve

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